Sunday, April 15, 2007

Steward’s Party

Saturday April 14th was our steward’s party where all the stewards and those who hosted artists for the 2006 festival were invited to the main bar at the West Mid Showground – it’s a chance for us to say thanks to all those who help out and it’s a great way to meet up with friends both old and new.

Around 200 people from all over the country attended, with the vast majority arriving with tents, motorhomes or caravans and stopping overnight on-site (taking advantage of the superb weather!).

Thanks to all who made the effort, it was a great night with superb company and excellent food and drink; and it got our stay at the West Mid Showground off to a flying start! Thank you.

If you would like to steward at the festival there are full details on our website, if you're interested in hosting an artist then please contact us.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Planning the new site

Although we have already drawn up plans for how we intend to layout the main areas of the festival site (marquees, caterers, parking etc), we spent some time on the new festival site over the weekend looking at how to best utilise aspects of the Showground.

The picture above shows the showground and there are a good number of permanent buildings that we can use (just above the GRO of showground on the photo)– we’ll certainly use some as venues for sessions, workshops and ‘meet the artists’; we’re also currently considering a ‘youths only’ room, perhaps for workshops in the day and a chill out area for nights.

Much of this will fall into place as the festival draws nearer, but having so many buildings on site really opens up some exciting opportunities for us!