Monday, August 20, 2012

Programme changes

There are a handful of changes to the programme - all the printed programmes have an insert that covers these, and we'll flag them up on the screens on site over the weekend too, but for information they are:



Miranda Sykes and Rex Preston scheduled to start 22.45, will now start 20.00

Luke Jackson scheduled to start 20.00, will now start 21.50

Hat Fitz & Cara Robinson scheduled to start at 21.50, will now start at 22.45


Jackie Oates scheduled to start 19.55, will now start 21.00

Abigail Washburn scheduled to start at 21.00, will now start 19.55



Caroline Herring scheduled to start 12.20 will now start 13.30 

Rua MacMillan scheduled to start 13.40 will now start at 12.20

We apologise for the other changes, but many of our artists want to make guest appearances with each other during the festival, and we needed to juggle some artists' times to make this possible.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012


The details of this year's workshops are now live on our website at

So what can you expect? We've got the usual wide and varied timetable including something for everyone from musicians, dancers, teenagers and children.

Fancy trying your hand at Bhangra? Or setting yourself up for the day with a spot of yoga? Well, you can at Shrewsbury. There's Taiko drumming and henna tattooing for the Refolkus (12-25 year olds) gang, dance workshops from the African Cultural Exchange, all manner of sessions for musicians and that's just to mention a few.

A very special treat for the guitarists among you this year is a general guitar workshop from the one and only Phil Beer from Show of Hands!  It's guaranteed to be standing room only so get there early if you want to learn from the master.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Silent ceilidh

You've probably heard of a silent disco but SFF 2012 brings you .....the silent ceilidh! You can take part in this 'new to SFF' dance event in the Dance tent on Saturday night from 11pm, DJ'd by non other than Jim Moray.

All the dancers wear radio headphones and the DJ produces a simultaneous programme of two alternative types of music - one traditional and the other pop - but all at the same time signature. 

You can take your pick of which music you want to dance to and the caller is heard over the top of both types of music on the headphones making for an evening of fantastic dancing.

There's going to be a pirate theme - 'aye, aye Jim lad!' - so bring your fancy dress! It promises to be an amazing night and demand is likely to be high so get there early.