Friday, April 30, 2010

Dancing at Shrewsbury

As well as an unrivalled list of concert artists and workshops, we have a equally exciting dance programme that covers every aspect of traditional dance.
Whether you are doing it or watching it, you will love it!

Fun, frolics, laughter and spectacle from our dance teams; driving rhythms and rock solid dance beats from our bands.

Let the music lift your spirits and feel that need to move to the music.

The Dance Line-Up

Toothless Mary caller Fee Lock
a lively and energetic ceilidh sound, a blend of funk, 80's disco and folk

Dartmoor Pixie Band caller Sarah Bazeley
a unique sound that’ll make you want to get up and jig!

Tickled Pink caller Martin Harvey
one of the most sought after bands on the UK festival circuit, they rock!

One Short Band caller Shelia Mainwaring
another brilliant band from Shropshire, some of the best folk dance musicians in the UK.

Whiskey River Boys
Louisiana Swamp Music, Country Blues, Old Timey, Americana, old style R'n'R, Blues, good country music.....

Disco meets ceilidh - a new concept mixing everything from House and Breaks to Drum'n'Bass and Techno, with a bit of folk thrown in for good measure.

Dance Teams
Barefoot Bellydance (Tribal style bellydance)
Crook Morris (Cotswold Morris)
The Dartmoor Broom Dancers and Dartmoor Step dance (Dartmoor tradition)
The Ironmen and Severn Gilders (Border Morris)
Kick Start (Appalachian)
The Knots in May (North West Morris and more)
North British Sword Dancers (Longsword, rapper and much more)
One Step Beyond (Appalachian)
Rapper Rascals (Rapper)
Rivington Morris (North West Morris)
Shropshire Bedlams and Martha Rhoden’s Tuppenny Dish (Border Morris & More)
Wharfdale Wayzgoose (Border Morris)
Sambassadors of Groove (Samba & Latin percussion)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Filming and webcasts at SFF 2010

As we have done in the past couple of years we will be filming the mainstage performances - this is done primarily to feed the big screens that sit either side of the stage in the main marquee.

There are a couple of upgrades to the set-up this year - for the first time we will be filming both in widescreen and in high definition!.

We'll also be further developing the webcasts from last year, and for the second year running we'll be webcasting mainstage performances live!

Sadly the technical limitations of webcasting means that we can't stream in HD, sorry.

More details of this and timings muhc closer to the event.