Sunday, June 27, 2010

Calan and the Schools' Project

The final year of our current schools' project took place last week.

Over the last three years we've taken the folk music and dance traditions of Great Britain into three local schools. Year one saw the Demon Barbers, year two we had Breabach, and this year we had young Welsh band Calan working in Shrewsbury.

Over the last three years over 1100 children have worked with the bands, with 90 of them appearing in concerts at the Theatre Severn and the festival.

The children who worked with Calan this week will all be at the festival in August (along with their families) to experience the whole event, and will perform with the band on Sunday afternoon in Marquee 2.

It's been a fantastic project and we intend to carry on with our work in school - we'll take a one year break next year and will then be back with a new project to take musicians and young groups into the schools of Shrewsbury and Shropshire in 2012

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

SFF @ The Hive. Concert Series

In the past year we've hosted 3 concerts at the Hive - they've all been successful events at a fantastic, intimate venue in the centre of Shrewsbury.

Over the past few months we've been working on extended these occasional concerts into a formal concert series. We have 10 events between September 2010 - June 2011 and the first 5 go on sale today.

The venue is The Hive in Shrewsbury, a seated, air conditioned small arts centre that is perfect for folk music - it only seats 100 people and tickets will sell quickly.

Sunday 19th September
Jackie Oates Band

Sunday 24th October
Crooked Still

Sunday 21 November
Kris Drever Trio (with John McCusker & Donald Shaw)

Sunday 12th December
Bella Hardy (Bright Morning Star Christmas Show)

Sunday 9th January
Jez Lowe

Venue details are:
The Hive, 5 Belmont, shrewsbury, SY1 1TE
box office 01743 234970
any questions please email me neil@shrewsburyfolk........

Monday, June 21, 2010

Schools' Project

The third year of our schools' project started today.

We have Welsh band Calan working in St George's Junior School all week where they will be teaching children the Welsh traditions of traditional song and dance.

They will work with every class, but in particular will be working with 30 children who will perform with them on Friday night at a concert at the Theatre Severn.

The band and 30 children will perform the same concert at the festival this year - it's always one of the highlights of the festival, so make sure you see the concert this year!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Shirt #3 - ladies Kiwi vest

Colour reproduction is in the pictures is OK- the real thing is just a little richer in colour.
Click image for larger picture

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Shirt #2 - Mens Wave Design (Khaki)

The colour reproduction isn't so great on these pictures, in reality there's a touch more green in them than is shown here

Click images for a larger picture

Shirt #1 -Ladies Chocolate Barcode Design

Click the images for a full size version - colour reproduction is OK in the pics, the picture of the front of the shirt is close to the actual colour


The festival t-shirts have's always a bit of a daunting moment when you open the first box, just in case you made a massive error with pantone codes!

This year we have

ladies fitted shirts (2 different styles)
ladies fitted vests (1 style)
kids t-shirts (1 style)
mens shirts (2 different styles)

The adult t-shirts all have front and back prints, and the Folk Against Fascism logo on the left sleeve.
Kids shirts and the vest have a front print only.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Show of Hands - Arrogance, Ignorance and Greed. SFF 2009

Show of Hands - Arrogance Ignorance & Greed.
Shrewsbury Folk Festival 2009

Show of Hands played the main stage of the Shrewsbury Folk Festival on Saturday 30th August 2008. This footage comes from the feed that was shown on the screens in the main tent and around the site