Monday, August 20, 2012

Programme changes

There are a handful of changes to the programme - all the printed programmes have an insert that covers these, and we'll flag them up on the screens on site over the weekend too, but for information they are:



Miranda Sykes and Rex Preston scheduled to start 22.45, will now start 20.00

Luke Jackson scheduled to start 20.00, will now start 21.50

Hat Fitz & Cara Robinson scheduled to start at 21.50, will now start at 22.45


Jackie Oates scheduled to start 19.55, will now start 21.00

Abigail Washburn scheduled to start at 21.00, will now start 19.55



Caroline Herring scheduled to start 12.20 will now start 13.30 

Rua MacMillan scheduled to start 13.40 will now start at 12.20

We apologise for the other changes, but many of our artists want to make guest appearances with each other during the festival, and we needed to juggle some artists' times to make this possible.

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