Monday, August 06, 2012

Silent ceilidh

You've probably heard of a silent disco but SFF 2012 brings you .....the silent ceilidh! You can take part in this 'new to SFF' dance event in the Dance tent on Saturday night from 11pm, DJ'd by non other than Jim Moray.

All the dancers wear radio headphones and the DJ produces a simultaneous programme of two alternative types of music - one traditional and the other pop - but all at the same time signature. 

You can take your pick of which music you want to dance to and the caller is heard over the top of both types of music on the headphones making for an evening of fantastic dancing.

There's going to be a pirate theme - 'aye, aye Jim lad!' - so bring your fancy dress! It promises to be an amazing night and demand is likely to be high so get there early.

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